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J. Han/ Westfield, NJ

My son, M.C. is enthusiastic about Ms. Feng’s orchestra, and also the private lesson. Hopefully, more kids can come to join us!

Menzel Violins/ Livingston, NJ

We LOVE and support Ms Feng - an honest and dedicated teacher!


Paul Lavenhar/ Scotch Plains, NJ

This is a wonderful music education opportunity for people in Scotch Plains and Fanwood from a great music educator!

Morishita Family/ Westfield, NJ

To Ms. Feng:  I really appreciate what you're doing to help students (younger and older) within our community get closer via music. Your encouragement helped me to rediscover music, and that influence has significantly changed my path (as well as my son and daughter) for the better.  I consider that a priceless gift and will forever treasure it.


Bozetarnik Family/ Scotch Plains, NJ

Fantastic teacher and amazing program given by a local mom from Scotch Plains! This is such an exciting opportunity for our community!!!!

Suh Family/ Greenbrook, NJ

My son has been learning so much from Ms. Feng over last three years. For young kids, teachers have to make it fun. Otherwise, kids fall asleep and find no interest in music. My lesson with Ms. Feng flies by. She makes music fun and exciting!


Yinan/ Westfield, NJ

Ms. Feng is a great teacher! She really knows how to work with kids.  My 7 yr old just loves her!

Vynnie/ Fanwood, NJ

My son and I love this music program.  Ms. Feng spends the time, not only with the children but also with the parents so that we can all learn alongside each other in a supporting atmosphere.  We are really enjoying learning music.

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