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This is highlights of our students' accomplishments.  Congratulate and celebrate our successful students from The Royal Stage School of Music.


Talented Performances

Listen to our musicians perform!

Image by Elaine Casap

Community to Community

RSSM Mission Statement

The Royal Stage School of Music inspires children and adults through the love of music. We encourage one another to show love and carry out good works as a way to strengthen and give back to our community. Our goal is to build bridges within communities both near (bringing musicians together from neighboring towns) and far (helping different organizations) through the use of music.

We will raise money and contribute to one organization every major performance!

Business Morning


2021 INTENSIVE Summer Practice Camp

August 16-19

Registration due July 21, 2021

2021-2022 Academic Year (Sept- June)

Please email Ms. Feng first!

Registration date:  

Tuesday, Aug. 24 from 5-6 pm

Kids' Night Out

Kids/Parents Night Out once a month, 5-7 pm! Space is limited!  TBA