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Piano Concert Hall

Group Piano Lessons

Growing Together

Our Group Lessons is ideal for students looking to learn their skills with others. Get in touch today to request more information.

Group Piano Lessons: Programs

Group Keyboard Classes

This “mommy and me” style keyboard class will  allow your child to explore his/her keyboard abilities and have the opportunity to compose music, receive ear training, explore basic music theory, and ensemble training with other students.

During the academic year (September to June),  RSSM Students will receive 30 classes and participate in two concerts per academic year (December and June).  There are 6 lessons during the Summer Session and an informal performance. 

Playing Piano

Group Keyboard (Level 1)

Please purchase Book 1.

Piano Concert Hall

Group Keyboard (Level 2)

Please purchase Book 2.

Grand Piano

Group Keyboard (Level 3)

Please purchase Book 3.

Piano on Stage

Group Keyboard (Level 4)

Please purchase Book 4.

Group Piano Lessons: Courses
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