* Once a month, 5:00-7:00 PM *

Fanwood Presbyterian Church

(back ramp, look for RSSM sign)


The Royal Stage School of Music is proud to present Kids' Night Out.  Musicians (ages 4-18) and Kids (ages 4-12) will have a fun musical experience.  This is a perfect opportunity for Parents/Guardians to go out with friends, enjoy some free time and/or simply relax/recharge their batteries.


5:00 pm- Set up Practice Stations/ Tune

5:15 pm- RSSM students will receive a guided practice session. 

               Non-RSSM students who play an instrument and/or voice will receive a practice session.

               Non-RSSM future musicians will learn how to practice an instrument or play music games. 

5:45 pm- Snack Break (water and popcorn)

6:00 pm- ***Informal Concert/Studio Class*** by RSSM students

7:00 pm- Kids get picked up by parents/guardians!  (Late pick ups will incur a $1.00 per minute charge)

What to bring if your child is a musician:  (My child will be responsible for the following items)


*Music book or piece that you're working on

*Music Stand for instrumentalists/vocalists


$20.00- One Child

$15.00- RSSM Student

Cash Payment must be paid at Check In. 

***Informal Concert/Studio Class***

RSSM students have the opportunity to perform and discuss pieces they are working on in a social and supportive environment to help improve their performance and listening skills.

To reserve a spot, all registrations must be completed online 3 days before the event.  Space is limited!  As a courtesy, please email RSSM 48 hours in advance for cancellations so the next person on the waiting list can participate.  If your child is displaying symptoms of illness, please stay home.  Thank you!

***Parent must come inside and sign the child in/out.  

***RSSM has a ZERO TOLERANCE bullying policy. 

RSSM Students:  

Students who take private lessons should attend at least 8 out of the 10 Kids' Night Out during the academic year as part of the training.  


The Royal Stage School of Music

Ms. Hsin-Ting Feng

Fanwood, NJ

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